Being a dance style primarily focusing on solo performance, Kathak has evolved with the changing times. Choreography has become an important aspect of Kathak since the past few years.

Pta. Maneesha Sathe has explored various aspects of choreography in Kathak, keeping in mind the views of the ever-evolving audiences. Right from emotion-packed Abhinay sequences to traditional Taal sequences, her choreographies are always a class apart, and yet they connect with the audiences very well. Right from social issues to mythological topics, Pta. Maneesha Sathe has not only choreographed traditional classical dances, but many theme and situation based items. A kaleidoscopic view of dance formations, an explicit variety of hastaks and todas, beautiful synchronisation and impeccable coordination are a few of the many things that one would notice in each of the maestro’s choreographies.

With extreme technical expertise and an insightful knowledge of global audiences, Guru Maneesha Sathe’s choreographies are created to cater to all types of viewers, across different countries. Guru Maneesha Sathe has worked in collaboration with the Japanese musician Mr. Yasuhito Takimoto since the past 20 years and has given various impressive concerts in Japan, India and many other countries. Along with her students, she has also performed for many festivals and events all across the globe.

Today, Pta. Maneesha Sathe, along with her troupe, is keen to spread this beautiful art form of Kathak with different types of enchanting performances.